Cards Available

You may choose a single image set of 12 for $15 or you may ask for doubles of the six cards available to have a more customized selection. Cards will come with gold envelopes and wrapped in ribbon. Please add $5 for standard shipping. 

Ready to Order? Call 530-478-7669 or email with your order request and full address for shipping. Please also include the best way to reach you. We will send you your total through PayPal based on your location. 

Delivery is standard 7 to 10 business days.


From a Christmas Letter from Paramhansa Yogananda:


Be ambitious for God. Keep seeking Him through meditation and keep working for Him. This will give you the spiritual emancipation you are seeking. Christ and the great ones showed through exemplary living that it can be done. So follow their footsteps quietly and humbly. God bless you always. May your every day become a Christmas of ever-new joy, love, peace, and wisdom in God and the Gurus.

With deepest blessings,
Paramahansa Yogananda

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